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Resident Living

Here are just a few of the services extended to our residents:
  • Residents have a choice of three room sizes, including private and double rooms, to meet their individual needs.

  • A Licensed Social Worker assists and supports residents and their families during the residents’ arrival, throughout their stay, and during the discharge process.

  • Hospice and palliative care is provided to meet resident and family needs during the resident’s end-of-life phase.

  • Skilled nursing care for short- or long-term stays (Medicaid & Medicare Certified) is provided 24 hours a day by registered and licensed practical nurses and specially-trained nursing assistants. 

  • Primary care nursing assignments enhance friendships between residents and Good Shepherd staff, which promotes trust, understanding, and their improved ability to meet the individual needs and preferences of the residents.

  • Daily Therapeutic Recreation - Planned and spontaneous group and individual activities provides an exciting way to meet the residents’ physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual needs. 

  • Weekly and Holiday religious services are conducted by local clergy, who are also available for special visits at the request of residents or families.

  • A Four-Meal Plan is provided to meet everyone’s dietary and schedule preferences. This plan includes a continental breakfast, brunch, food/snack carts mid-afternoon, and a traditional supper meal.  (Food and snacks are available 24 hours a day.)

  • Resident Choice in daily life preferences means residents maintain full flexibility in determining their own sleep and meal schedules.

  • Security for residents - Safe exits are monitored by a door lock/alarm system that alerts staff when designated, vulnerable residents are attempting to leave the building.

  • A Consultant Pharmacist reviews each resident’s medication orders monthly.

  • Environmental Services provide a safe, clean environment.  An in-house laundry provides personal and linen laundry services.

  • The Resident and Family Councils meet regularly to discuss upcoming events or changes, obtain information, and provide their input to Good Shepherd staff.

  • A Professional Care Plan Team regularly reviews an individualized plan for the needs of each resident, with input from the resident and the family. Quarterly (or as needed) Care Conferences provide an opportunity for the resident and his/her family to meet directly with the Care Plan Team, which consists of a Dietary Manager, a Nurse Case Manager, a Social Worker, the Activity Director, and a Therapist.

  • Therapeutic diets or preferred foods and meals are planned by a Registered Dietitian and Dietary Manager to meet the nutritional and personal preferences of each resident.  

Hair Supplies

Optional "For-Fee" Services:

  • Medical Care is available at the nursing home, including weekly visits by a Physician or Nurse Practitioner and a Mental Health Counselor; monthly visits by a Podiatrist; quarterly visits by a Psychiatrist; and dental services arranged as needed.

  •  Rehabilitative Therapy, including physical, occupational and speech therapy, help the residents to improve or maintain their optimum functionality. Nursing rehabilitation works with and after therapy.

  •  Special hair care is available in our on-site beauty salon for sets, perms and cuts beyond the regular personal hygiene services provided to residents.

  • Transportation to personal medical appointments and other destinations is available for a fee.  (There is no fee for car or handicapped bus transport for group activity trips.)

  • Television services (cable or satellite packages) are available for in-room viewing.

  • Telephone service (in-room land line or cell phone service) is permitted, with vendor arrangements to be made by the resident or family.

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