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Skilled Nursing Care

Our Goal. . .

  • Our goal is to respect the resident’s preferred choices and customary daily routine in a home-like environment.  Studies have shown that this helps to maintain or improve the highest practicable level of function and health for our residents.

  • Registered nurses and/or licensed practical nurses provide skilled nursing care 24 hours a day.   Our services are Medicaid & Medicare certified, and include short- or long-term care in private or semi-private rooms.  Hospice and palliative end-of-life care is available, with individualized care plans based on resident and family choices.

Neighborhoods. . .

  • Residents reside in one of three “neighborhoods.”   Each neighborhood has a Nurse Case Manager who monitors, plans, and coordinates the overall care of each resident with the interdisciplinary care plan team. This includes ongoing communication with other health care professionals, family, and staff.  

  • Most members of our staff are assigned to a neighborhood on a long-term basis.  As a result, the close relationships that develop promote friendship, trust, and understanding between the residents and their attending staff, and enable the staff to more easily identify and meet the individual needs and choices of residents they work with consistently.

Quality Staff

We choose only quality staff at Good Shepherd Lutheran Home, and each has specific responsibilities to meet the needs of our residents:

  • The Director of Nursing is responsible for the overall administrative duties of the Nursing Department and works closely with other members of the Quality Council for program development, quality improvement, and day-to-day operations.  

  • Nurse Case Managers, Shift Team Leaders and Shift Nurses monitor and coordinate each resident’s health status, direct floor staff, and communicate with the attending physician or specialist, psychiatrist, dentist, podiatrist, mental health counselor, pharmacist, dietitian, and/or therapists as needed during clinical visits or phone calls.

  • A shift LPN (licensed practical nurse) or RN (registered nurse) provides residents with clinical care to meet each resident’s health needs such as medications, treatments, monitoring and assessment of their ongoing status, and directing the care of Nursing/Resident Assistants.  

  • Nursing/Resident Assistants (NA/RAs) provide direct ADL (activities of daily living) care to residents according to each resident’s care plan and choices under the direction of a licensed nurse

  • TMAs (trained medication aides) sometimes help administer medications.  

  • A Restorative Aide compliments therapy and/or works with residents after therapy services have been discontinued.

  • Household Managers are NA/RAs chosen for their leadership and quality care abilities to make non-clinical decisions, monitor care and provide the environment for quality and regulatory compliance.  

  • A Cosmologist provides additional shampoo and sets if residents choose this service (fee applies). 

  • A Nursing Secretary is responsible for scheduling of staff, medical records, and medical supplies.  


Contact Shelly Stensgard, DON

(507) 864-7714, ext.  1113

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